The main profile of our company is designing and manufacturing of light and heat metal constructions, designing and installation of mains and technological pipelines (oil, gas, water and other). Complex designing and construction of oil, gas and various technological terminals and attracting specialists and technologists. Design and construction of civil engineering and power structures.

Our company has highly qualified specialists, who have certificates of the above works, professional experience gained in plant-factories, oil and gas terminals, ports, oil, gas, water and a variety of technical pipelines, district heating plant, bridges, buildings energy and the different construction.

The company has a study area where professional training of young specialists is underway.

All employees of the company are insured by medical policies.

The company has its enterprise-technical base with the necessary infrastructure.

Our company actively cooperates with Batumi Oil Terminal, where he has participated in the
following works:
1. Installation of 15 new reservoirs with its technological infrastructure;
2. Construction of liquid gas terminal with its compressor, railway overpass and mains pipelines
to cargo;
3. Reconstruction of casting petroleum derivative railway service -6 units;
4. Construction of oil products and fire pumping stations - 7 units;
5. Installation of pipelines: 300-500m pipelines, with its base metal constructs: 28 km from the
main area of ​​the oil terminal;
6. Installation of 2 units 500 mm and 700 mm pipelines: from the main area of ​​the oil terminal
to the Kapreshumi oilbank - 14 km, on the river with 2 aqueduct crossing;
Installation of 15 pipeline pipelines under the tunnel method under the ground at the crossing
of the four-kilometer railway highway at 3 m depth;
8. Installation of air-clearing systems for the central area of fuel-oil depot, oilfields, Kapreshumi
bases and cargo berths
9. Capital Repair of 39 units of the Operator;
10. Medium and small scale repair works in different areas of oil terminal.

Our company took part in the manufacture and installation of metal constructions of the
Parliament of Georgia, Tbilisi and Kvareli Justice Houses (up to 1200 tons of metal).
The company is awarded with the Order of the Order of Economics, Medal for Professional
Merit, awarded the title of the Leader of the Year 2015, as well as various certificates and
According to the results of the general state ratings of enterprises in 2013-2014, our company is
in 43 place (silver in rating) throughout Georgia and 4 places (rating gold) in Ajara.
The company actively participates in various charities.